Meet: Dr. Drew Klein

In practice, Dr. Drew uses chiropractic to address the root causes of pain, dysfunction and disease to improve the overall health and well-being in his patient’s lives. Battling migraines as a child and finding relief through chiropractic, Dr. Klein fell in love with chiropractic and the inner workings of the human body. 

Dr. Klein graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Samford University, and received his Doctorate of Chiropractic at Parker University in Dallas, Texas. 

Awards & Positions held:
2018-2020 Alabama State Chiropractic Association, President
2012 Alabama Young Chiropractor of the Year
Parlimentarian, Alabama State Chiropractic Association 2014-Current
President, Jefferson County Chiropractic Society 2012-14
Vice President, Jefferson County Chiropractic Society 2010-2012
Jefferson County Chiropractic Society Delegate to ASCA 2008-2014

Dr. Klein married Amanda in March 2013, and they decided in March 2015 to make LakeCrest Chiropractic & Wellness the family business! In their spare time they can usually be found hiking, camping, or in the garage building furniture. 

Amanda and Dr. Klein both care deeply for each of their patients, and truly love seeing the difference that chiropractic & nutrition makes in their patient’s lives.

Nutritional training

Dr. Drew has received extensive nutritional training on the following topics: 

  • Anxiety/Panic Attacks & Depression

  • Supporting the Thyroid, Liver & Gallbladder through Nutrition

  • Extensive Supplementation Knowledge

  • Adrenal Fatigue & Hashimoto's Disease

  • Healing the Gut through Natural Methods

  • Childhood Nutrition & Supplementation

  • Natural Weight Loss through Nutrition

Not only is Dr. Klein a skilled chiropractor, he is a WEALTH of knowledge on all things regarding health and wellness including nutrition and exercise. He genuinely cares and is glad to share and help.
— Carol C.

Crystal Riley, LMT

Crystal Riley, LMT

Meet: Crystal riley, LMT

Crystal comes from a family of Healthcare professionals and has always had the heart for helping those who are in pain and needing bodywork. She has been a massage therapist for over 10 years, and clients have often referred to her as having " healing hands" and finding the specific areas that need work.  Crystal is originally from Kentucky and has been living in the Birmingham area since 2013. 

Rachel Sanchez, LMT

Rachel Sanchez, LMT

MEET: Rachel Sanchez, LMT

Rachel has 11 years of experience as a full-time massage therapist, with the last 7 years spent with St. Vincent's. She has a true passion with helping others find great health and well-being through massage! Rachel specializes in prenatal massage, deep tissue work, and neuromuscular therapy (trigger point massage).

Meet: Amanda Klein

LakeCrest Chiropractic & Wellness is truly a family business -- Amanda is Dr. Drew's wife. When not in the office, Amanda is usually found hitting the trails via hiking or trail running, or camping with her husband! Her passions are helping others, exploring the local and regional parks, and creating art.

Amanda Klein

Amanda Klein